Traditional diversification is not enough, a smoother path demands a proactive approach

The gap is real, between what the market gives and what an investor often gets. Our aim is to minimize that gap using risk-managed ETFs.

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Behaviorally Sound

The odds of success go up when the investor can stick to the plan; Aptus funds exist to help harness the power of markets

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Ability to Adapt and Adjust

Designed to capture favorable markets while dynamically addressing risk, tax-efficiently

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Systematic processes built to minimize behavioral biases by managing risk without emotion

Ticker Fund Name AUM ($) Management Fee Factsheet Prospectus
BEMO Aptus Behavioral Momentum ETF 66,096,416.60 0.79% PDF PDF
FTVA Aptus Fortified Value ETF 64,145,476.19 0.79% PDF PDF
DRSK Aptus Defined Risk ETF 151,392,553.34 0.79% PDF PDF
ACIO Aptus Collared Income Opportunity ETF 68,351,287.36 0.79% PDF PDF